my first post about CPU

What is CPU
The CPU or the Central Processing Unit is the brain of your computer. It processes all the programs, instructions, logics, calculations and hardware coordination. The performance of your computer depends its CPU power measured by MHz.
CPU (Central Processor Unit) Types
Your motherboard documentation or manufacturer web site will indicate the processor that your motherboard will support. For example; Intel® Socket 478 motherboard might only support Intel Pentium 4 processors. If you are not sure, buy motherboard with pre-installed processor. The major groups of Processors are; Intel Pentium, Intel Celeron, AMD, and Cyrix. Each group has sub groups.
Installing the processorIt's easier to install the CPU before inserting the motherboard to the case. 1. Locate the CPU socket on the motherboard and open it by lifting the lever on the side. 2. Insert the processor evenly into the socket.3. Close the lever without forcing it. If the CPU is aligned to the socket well, it should easily clip in. Once it clips in, close the lever back.4. Align and Mount the CPU fan or heat sink to the top of the processor


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